MÁCH BẠN MẸO HAY ĐỂ LÀM BÀI NGHE TOEIC THEO CHỦ ĐỀ: Recorded messages, operating instructions

Sau đây là chia sẻ về một số dạng từ vựng hay xuất hiện trong chủ điểm Tin nhắn ghi âm (Recorded message) và Chỉ dẫn hoạt động (Operating instructions) trong phần Short talk, đề thi Toeic – Toeic Listening.Mọi người note lại để ôn luyện Toeic thật tốt nhé:

1.       We are offering discounts on + items
We are offering discounts on all of our video editing products.

2.       An hour from now
We’ll be on the ground an hour from now.

3.       Conduct research projects
Our guest speaker has conducted many major research projects and is currently teaching at Michigan University.

4.       Increase (raise) public awareness of
A director of Public Relations, I have taken a number of steps to increase public awareness of our products.

5.       I’m honored to + V
Thank you very much. I’m honored to be here and truly happy to receive this award.

6.       A wealth of experience
He is an expert in the field of telecommunications with a wealth of experience.

7.       What with
Vacations can be exhausting, what with shopping and sightseeing and trying to enjoy yourself every minute.

8.       Wind up a meeting
Before we wind up our meeting, I need to convey a message from the building maintenance department.

9.       Please note (that) S+ V
Please note that the staff meeting scheduled for this Friday has been moved to next Tuesday.

10.   S (person) has been with (company) + for ( duration of time)
Mr. Rodrigez has been with Uni-Tech Corporation for 20 years

11.   Please refrain from – ing
For other moviegoers, please refrain from talking during the film

12.   I am away from my desk at the moment
I’m away from my desk at the moment. If you’d like to leave a message, please do so after the tone

13.   Fall behind in
Due to high sales and increased orders, we are falling behind in our output this month.

14.   We are in need of
If you didn’t get a job yet, I thought you might want to know that we are in need of an electrical engineer

15.   Please stay on the line
Please stay on the line, and an operator will be with you in a moment

16.   You will find low prices on + (product)
This week, D&G Apparel is having a spring sale. You’ll find low prices on all winter clothing, including coats, boots, hats, and gloves

Trên đây là chia sẻ một số cấu trúc hay xuất hiện trong đề thi Toeic – Toeic Listening, thuộc chủ điểm Recorded messages (Tin nhắn ghi âm).


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